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How to Use Image Effects in Canva

Finding the perfect picture for your graphics can be difficult. And when you find just the right image, it may not have that same aesthetic your brand images really give off. So what is a communicator to do? Enter in image effects in Canva. These are simple tools you can use on any image you want to use in Canva whether it's an uploaded image of your family, or an image Canva provides. In this tutorial, I show you how to use those effects to make all of your pictures really work for your brand.


Getting started in Canva can be difficult. Bouma Design Co now offers custom Canva template creation for just $150. Our template package includes:

  • 1 Blog post template sized for your website specs

  • 2 Square templates perfect for Instagram and Facebook

  • 2 Instagram story templates that coordinate with your brand

  • 2 Pinterest templates (if you aren't using Pinterest, we'll swap this for a Facebook header or add an extra image to one of the above options)

To get started, email us at

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